Another petition was made to the general organization by six brothers:

Now Eta Lambda members can save time with direct dues payment.  An alternative to writing checks and mailing your membership dues, with AIP you can authorize Eta Lambda to withdraw payments electronically from you checking, savings, or credit card account.  Go to for more information.  You can conveniently sign up for AIP on the enrollment form below.  It’s safe, easy and convenient!


I hereby authorize Eta Lambda to instruct my financial institution to deduct directly from my account the amount necessary for my annual membership, per the payment schedule selected above: 3 payments, 6 payments on or about the date of this transaction commencing on the date of this transaction.  All installment payments must be completed by November 1st.  Eta Lambda dues are on a fiscal year basis and are billed in August, to be paid in full by September 1st, of each dues year.  Brothers electing payments to extend beyond September 1 will not be in good financial standing until the fees are paid in full.

Life Member - 3 Months ($110.00 per month)


Life Member - 6 Months ($55.00 per month)


Non-Life Member - 3 Months ($160.00 per month)


Non-Life Member - 6 Months ($80.00 per month)