This page explains the all the options for Alpha brothers to renew or transfer a membership with/to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Eta Lambda Chapter.

[Aspirants interested in a membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. should select “How To Join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.”]

Note: The Fraternal Year is September to August. Late fees start after Nov 15.

Any questions should be submitted to

Members That Want to Renew Their Eta Lambda Chapter Members

Members that are in the Eta Lambda Chapter database should click the link below. This link will allow you to renew your dues using a check or credit card. Dues payment will be in full. DO NOT use this option if you want to take advantage of the Dues Installment Plan.

Click “Dues Installment Plan” to select the desired installment plan.

Membership Renewal Link


Members That Want To TRANSFER Their Membership To Eta Lambda

Members that want to transfer their Chapter membership to Eta Lambda Chapter should click the link below. After completing the enrollment process you will receive an email with additional instructions. Read the instructions in the email carefully and complete all steps. This will allow the Finance Committee to complete the transfer of your membership to Eta Lambda Chapter without delay. Please note your credit card will not be charged until the Finance Committee validates your membership status with the Corporate Office.

You may click “Dues Installment Plan” to take advantage of this option. If you select this option please email to provide notification you are transferring your membership to Eta Lambda Chapter using the “Dues Installment Plan.”

Membership Self-Enrollment Link

Non-Life Member Grand Tax and Passcards

Eta Lambda Chapter submits the members Grand Tax to the Corporate Office once the members dues payment is paid in full. Grand Tax payments are submitted to the Corporate Office approximately the third week each month. Passcards are mailed from the Corporate Office.

National Housing Building Fund (NHBF)

Members that have not paid the $100 NHBF Tax from 1985 must pay this fee to be in Good Standing with the Corporate Office. You may login to Alphanet or email Member Services at to validate the status of this payment. Eta Lambda will facilitate the payment of this fee. Click the link below to submit this fee to Eta Lambda Chapter or you may handle directly with the Corporate Office. Eta Lambda does charge a $7.00 administration fee for this service.